Well i think the fact are clear for now.......

March 14, 2009
I just want to be clear and talk fact..liverpool win has just made the league a little bit interesting again as it seamed by some it would be just as awalk in the park by united.....well bersonal i hope chelsea to get treble this season thou to some it might seam crazy but that is just a fact from today match and the match during the middle week i just managed to get some few more fact under my belt.....manchester united are not untouchable-fact...fernando torest is the finest stricker in the league-fact.....Nemanja vidic is no more footabl of the year if so then wayne is the diplomatic of the year-fact....I personal think since i have watched football for liverpool footbal club steven gerrard is an inspiration skipper liverpool have never had-fact....This liverpool win will more likely prove futile in premier league long run is a damning indictiment of this benites campain-fact

What about Zimbabwe

January 24, 2009
All the media hyper concerning Israels action on Gaza makes me to wonder what real cause all these attention  to that place what do the people of Zimbabwe have to do in order to get all these coverage and attention infact if reality the case in Gaza is due to the fact that Hamas are provoking them as you look back long ago you will understand what all this brought about because the solution is quite clear that as long as hamas militant stop firing rocket then israel wont have to deal with all these..All these figure and actual numbers which cause Mr ban to make all those effort to the middle east make me realize what real do the people of Zimbabwe have to do to earn it onsidering the death tal of 1380 in gaza to that of 2000 in Zimbabwe and the 5000 injured pople of Gaza to 50,000 affected people of zimbabwe ...do these people don't deserve more attention.....As all the attention keep on attending to gaza i keep on wondering what about Zimbabwe

life in ukraine

October 29, 2008

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