I just want to be clear and talk fact..liverpool win has just made the league a little bit interesting again as it seamed by some it would be just as awalk in the park by united.....well bersonal i hope chelsea to get treble this season thou to some it might seam crazy but that is just a fact from today match and the match during the middle week i just managed to get some few more fact under my belt.....manchester united are not untouchable-fact...fernando torest is the finest stricker in the league-fact.....Nemanja vidic is no more footabl of the year if so then wayne is the diplomatic of the year-fact....I personal think since i have watched football for liverpool footbal club steven gerrard is an inspiration skipper liverpool have never had-fact....This liverpool win will more likely prove futile in premier league long run is a damning indictiment of this benites campain-fact